What Is Man's Chief End?

Man's chief end is to glorify God, [a] and to enjoy Him for ever. [b]
[a]. Ps. 86:9; Isa. 60:21; Rom. 11:36; I Cor. 6:20; 10:31; Rev. 4:11
[b]. Ps. 16:5-11; 144:15; Isa. 12:2; Luke 2:10; Phil. 4:4; Rev. 21:3-4
Every new believer has been set apart by God, separated unto God to be transformed into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ. In this sense, every believer is a saint- a person separated from his old sinful way of life and set apart by God to increasingly glorify God as his life is transformed! Jerry Bridges in Respectable Sins

Do You Deal With Any "Respectable" Sins?

>> Saturday, January 9, 2010

I've said before that I really believe that the Lord is bringing up a remnant of followers that will stand up and do what's right, no matter the cost. And that "cost" may be other believers who just don't understand your convictions and your change of lifestyle, and accuse you of being legalistic! Now, in order to do what is right, we must know what God says in His Holy Word, New Testament and Old Testament! Yes, we have His Grace now through the Blood, but that doesn't mean we can just do what we want!! God still wants us to please Him with our actions... And our motives behind those actions. Look up the word please in your concordance in the NT, and find out what God says about it.

Why do I think that the Lord is bringing up a remnant? Well, its the last days and God requires a spotless Bride!!! Think about it.

Now my challenge to you (and to myself) is to examine yourself and ask the Lord to examine and search your heart to reveal if there is ANYTHING that needs to change. Ungodliness, pride, anger, selfishness, your tv viewing choices, your choice of clothing, gossiping, etc... The list could go on, but you get the point. Throughout the NT, the Lord commands us to examine ourselves. But do we honestly do that? Do we honestly do that, comparing ourselves to the Standard of a Holy God?

God is a Merciful God...AND He is a HOLY God!!!! He loves us, so much so, that He doesn't want us to continue in our "little, respectable" sins.

Please take the time to watch this video. I saw this on another blog that I enjoy. And I had to add it here.

Saint Shellie


Emily January 9, 2010 at 9:49 PM  

I believe you are absolutely right here! This is something that I have been convicted of for quite some time. It's sometimes so hard to give up our "pet sins." So sad as well. Part of my goal it to know God better and that will involve examining myself often and confessing the sins which so easily beset me.

Saint Shellie January 11, 2010 at 9:41 PM  

Emily, I love what you call it..."Pet Sins." That's a great way to put it. There are so many pet sins that I cling to, but yet I know that if I would just do things God's way, instead of my way, I would be more peaceful and happy.

As followers of Christ, we should encourage and admonish each other to live a more Godly life!!!

Keep Pressin' On!!

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