What Is Man's Chief End?

Man's chief end is to glorify God, [a] and to enjoy Him for ever. [b]
[a]. Ps. 86:9; Isa. 60:21; Rom. 11:36; I Cor. 6:20; 10:31; Rev. 4:11
[b]. Ps. 16:5-11; 144:15; Isa. 12:2; Luke 2:10; Phil. 4:4; Rev. 21:3-4
Every new believer has been set apart by God, separated unto God to be transformed into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ. In this sense, every believer is a saint- a person separated from his old sinful way of life and set apart by God to increasingly glorify God as his life is transformed! Jerry Bridges in Respectable Sins

Perfection?? Far From It!!~ Making My Home Sing

>> Sunday, April 18, 2010

Making your home sing Mondays

I read Nan's post for this week about trying to be the perfect homemaker, mom, and wife. Well, I have to say that I was quite encouraged! Thanks Nan!!

I have to admit... I struggle with this. I expect perfectionism from myself, along with my husband and my kids!! When it comes to making plans for the week, be it school plans, menu plans, chore plans, decluttering plans, or whatever else I could come up with, and they don't happen like I would want them to...Well I get a little irritated!!! I can plan so much for the week and end up so disappointed at the end of the week. Especially when it's about my decluttering or cleaning plans.

Life happens...plans have to be changed, altered, rearranged... to meet the needs of others or something more pressing.

I am learning the hard way to make my plans, and then give them to the Lord. Only He knows what the day holds. Only He knows what it is that I need to learn that day. I just need to learn to give it to Him.

I am getting into the habit of making intentional plans for my week and homeschool. It keeps me focused during the day. BUT I have to trust God that He knows better than I do what needs to be done. So when MY plans don't work out the way I want them to, then I have to make myself remember that He is in control.

BUT, I also have to reevaluate myself to see if there are areas where I am being lazy and idle with my hands when I should have been more intentional to get things done. Believe me, I have to watch myself...If I turn on this crazy computer and even glance at my blog or emails...I can be on it for an hour without even realizing it!!!!!

Perfection...we will never reach it, but we still should strive to be better each day. What can I do today that I didn't do so well at yesterday? Do I need to apologize to someone today? Do I need to forget my plans so that I can focus on playing a game with my kids? What are my priorities? Following my plans to the point of frustration, or letting go of them to maintain peace in my home?

My plans for this week are to get back into the swing of things with schoolwork and homemaking chores... How broad is that? But taking a week off makes it difficult to get back to normal life. So if we make it to Friday with a somewhat normal amount of schoolwork done, with a half way decent menu plan, and the house somewhat in order, then I will be satisfied at the end of the week. Perfect? No, but that's okay...Well, at least for this week! LOL!


momstheword April 18, 2010 at 10:54 PM  

Thank you for your sweet comments! I'm glad you felt encouraged!

Oh yes, I have times where I am idle, goofing off on the computer when I should be folding laundry or something. Notice I am on it now, lol! Guilty! I love what you said about reevaluating yourself.

I love how you are willing to stop your plans and play with your kids. When the kids were little I often had to force myself to let the cleaning go and play a game with them. Not all the time, but sometimes.

Now that they're older I pretty much drop everything that I can and go with them if they want to go somewhere. After all, they are 17 and 21 and I want to enjoy their company while I can!

Tami Q. April 19, 2010 at 1:13 PM  

Well said! May you have a productive, God-directed day! (Me too!)

Joyfull April 19, 2010 at 1:17 PM  

Nan's post blessed me also and was a great reminder to do what we can. I loved your points of intentional plans and evaluating on areas that may need improvement! Thanks for sharing today.

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