What Is Man's Chief End?

Man's chief end is to glorify God, [a] and to enjoy Him for ever. [b]
[a]. Ps. 86:9; Isa. 60:21; Rom. 11:36; I Cor. 6:20; 10:31; Rev. 4:11
[b]. Ps. 16:5-11; 144:15; Isa. 12:2; Luke 2:10; Phil. 4:4; Rev. 21:3-4
Every new believer has been set apart by God, separated unto God to be transformed into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ. In this sense, every believer is a saint- a person separated from his old sinful way of life and set apart by God to increasingly glorify God as his life is transformed! Jerry Bridges in Respectable Sins

The Gift of Suffering?

>> Monday, February 28, 2011

If you have read any of my posts lately, it is quite evident that things have been a struggle, to say the least.  And yet, life goes on.

But God is so good to me, an unworthy saint, to lead me to things that I need to read and/or hear, that puts things into proper perspective.  One of those things is a message by Elisabeth Elliot titled, "The Gift of Suffering." 

Say, what??  The gift of SUFFERING???  How can suffering be a gift?  Well, for one, God says that He disciplines those He loves. (Proverbs 3:11-12)  And, Jesus tells us to "deny ourselves, and take up our cross..." (Matthew 16:24-27)  

This message, and others by Elisabeth Elliot, have really helped me lately to step back and consider things differently.   (I am loving my itouch, since I can download these messages, among other things, and I can listen to them whenever I feel the need to be reminded!!  LOL!) 

Another thing is this wonderful book by Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.  I have already begun counting my 1000 Gifts a while back in a previous post, but shamefully it has just been sitting and waiting for me to continue!!  And now that I have started reading this book, on my handy-dandy itouch kindle, I am ready to open my eyes and to recognize the little gifts, again. 

11.  Slobbery kisses from a 7 month old.
12.  Hugs every morning from an 11 year old.
13.  Talks with my 14 year old, knowing that teenagers need their mommies, too.
14.  My hubby's new work schedule, even when its hard to get used to.  It really is a gift from God.
15.  The fact that my husband has a job!!!!!
16.  Feet running to help when they hear their baby brother crying.
17.  Baby brother laughing at his big brothers.  He loves them so!
18.  Computers... even when they give you troubles!
19.  Husbands who know how to work on troubling computers!  :)
20.  Sleepless nights... knowing that there is a baby who needs his mommy.  And she is there to give him what he needs.  Yes, I am thankful for this!!! :)
21.  My itouch.  Have I mentioned that I really like this thing???  Hee Hee!
22.  My new treadmill!!!!!  Some wives would be mad for receiving this as a gift from their husbands, but not me!  Thank you, Honey.
23.  My Bible... need I say more??
24.  Laughter with friends, knowing that they accept me anyway!

So, join me.  How has the God of the Universe touched you lately?  Maybe things haven't been so easy for you, either, but we have to make ourselves look for the little things... the little ways that He touches us with Himself.  Isn't that what its all about??

Until Next Time, Keep Pursuing Him!


A Little Humor!

>> Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes we just need a little laugh to get us through the day.  And THIS made me laugh really hard!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Well, Its Been a While

>> Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Man, its been a long time since I've posted anything!!  I feel so out of touch with the bloggy world.  And I really miss it.  I just haven't had the time to even open up my pc, much less type a post. 

So, what have I been up to??  Besides parenting, catching up on school work, trying to renew a sense of routine, I really haven't done very much. 

But, WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE???  What have I been doing??  Each week seems to just fly by with little to show for it.  Its amazing how a baby can change everything!! 

I've had to learn to slow down... to take in the small moments... to notice the little things that usually go unnoticed.  Like the times when my 11 year old son wants to just talk... and talk... and talk... and talk...  I am learning to stop and listen

I'm having to learn again how to stop what I am doing to give a baby what he needs... time with mommy to just hold him and snuggle.  To read a book or just to talk to him.  I do love our kissing sessions when he grabs my face with his little hands and gives me some big sloppy, drooly kisses!!!  By the end of all of the laughing and kissing, my face is so wet with what only a mommy could love...drool!!!  That's my little arrow.  And can you believe he's already 6 months old!!

This hasn't only been a time to get used to a new baby, but a time to get used to my Dh's new work schedule.  And boy, has this one been tough!!  After 20 years of the same "5 day a week" schedule, a swing schedule is a monster to behold!  I never can remember, even when I have the calendar in front of me, when he is working!!!  It has totally messed up my so-called schedule.  Plus its such a distraction to have him home so much!  Now, don't get me wrong, I like having him home with us, but my kids get behind in their school work, and I get distracted from my normal responsibilities.  For instance, he will be home with us ALL of next week!  So, I have to figure out what we can realistically get done with him around. 

BUT, there is some good news to tell!  Recently, I have gotten the decluttering bug again!  And I've been reaching far and wide to get rid of "stuff" that no longer is welcome here.  And how refreshing it feels to be rid of it.  Just today I took several boxes and bags to Goodwill.  I am on a mission!  Once the mood hits me, I'm on a roll.  I just need to stay on this roll for a while to declutter every room.  Then, its the maintenance that I really have to work on.  I will post about my progress!  Maybe that will keep me going, just so I can keep my word on that. 

So, there it is, my rambling about nothing much.  Just to be back in touch with my blog...


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